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Aoki Advogados Law Firm of the Year

United Kingdom – 31 July 2017 – Today marks the highly anticipated release of Corporate Insiders 2017 Business Excellence Awards Winners Guide.

The 2017 Business Excellence awards display recognition of some of the world’s most prestigious firms. This year’s winners have shown great commitment to striving to achieve the best results, which is backed by great client feedback collated during the nomination process. We are proud of each and every winner and we hope they continue to display excellence for the coming years.

The Awards team at Corporate Insider are honoured and extremely proud to publish a full list of winners and celebrate the accomplishment of the firms.

Arianna Smith, Head of Corporate Awards is simply elated with the stature of this year’s winners. Commenting on the vigorous level of competition this year, Arianna said:

“We were simply overwhelmed with the volume of nominations received for this year’s Business Excellence awards. The judging panel had no easy task in selecting the winners, and I personally am very proud of each and every winner. It is always delightful to see how firms all over the world have developed and grown. And it is with great confidence to publish the 2017 Business Excellence Award Winners Guide. I look forward to visiting some of the winning firms on my travels in 2018.”

This year’s winners include Gearty & McIntyre, LLP, CPA, ColonialWebb, KBS Corporate, Bank of Cyprus, Fleet Source, EnvAerospace and many more.

The full winners guide can be found at:

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